Scientists have developed a quantum battery project that does not lose charge

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Scientists have developed a quantum battery project that does not lose charge

Researchers presented a theoretical model of a quantum battery that can operate without wasting energy.

It is a nanoscale device designed for use in equipment based on quantum technology. According to scientists from the Universities of Alberta and Toronto, although, unlike existing batteries, the basis his work lies in quantum mechanics, not electrochemistry, in practice it can be made made of modern solid materials.

During the study, the group considered an open quantum network model with high structural symmetry as a platform for storing exciton energy. Scientists have shown that the charge can be stored without loss, even in an open system.

To do this, the quantum network must be prepared in the so-called dark state, when it cannot exchange energy with the environment. This makes such a system immune to any external influences, preventing energy loss..

Using this model, the researchers proposed a general method for discharging the energy stored in a quantum battery on demand., by a controlled violation of the structural symmetry of the network.

In the future, the group will explore practical ways of charging and discharging, as well as methods for scaling the device for real use..

Quantum technology is advancing rapidly. Physicists recently successfully transferred quantum entanglement between matter and light over a distance of 50 km. using fiber optic cable, which paves the way for the creation of long-distance quantum networks.

text: Ilya Bauer, photo: University of Oxford