Water can become space fuel

Inside the Lab That’s Turning Moon Water Into Rocket Fuel

Water can become space fuel

Momentus has developed a space engine that will use ordinary water as fuel.

The basis is a propulsion system that uses water as a propellant instead of chemicals. There is a lot of this type of fuel in outer space, which will make it possible to replenish the supply outside the earth’s orbit. According to the founder and project manager Mikhail Kokorich, in zero gravity water works better and more efficiently than the currently used ionized gases such as xenon..

Momentus has developed several water propulsion options and has already entered into an agreement with ECM Space to test Zeal on a microsatellite in 2019. New technology will help lower transport costs in space, which will spur new business models such as lunar transit, space manufacturing, tourism and asteroid mining.

Recall that in 2026, NASA will begin to colonize the moon.

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: Eugenia / Reshot